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How Does It Work?

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Choose a project from upcoming sales and register as a bidder.

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Put your price for the project. Revise your price anytime till the sale date.

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On the sale date, choose your Home from the list of units. Thats all !

About Us!

We are India’s first online real estate sale company with an innovative sale platform for real estate properties. The platform has been developed by top class professionals from real estate and IT services industry. On majority of property sites in Bangalore, buying homes and other real estate is a long and often tiring process for buyers. Buyers need to identify projects, verify the project details and compliance to building byelaws, and then negotiate the right price with the sales person to close the deal. Similar problems are there with property sites in Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Chittoor, Chennai and Rest of India. ‘My Home At My Price’ provides a transparent, e-negotiation platform where the buyers get to choose the price as per their budget and choose the units as per their liking. The platform helps discover the true market price for every unit in the selected real estate property. This gives confidence to buyers that they are getting worth of the money they pay. ‘My Home At My Price’ does an independent verification of property being put up for sale. All individual units in a project are identified and verified for correctness of information as per sanctioned plan. The platform cuts down the process of buying to a mere 10 to 15 days in place of usual 2 months or more.

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Buyer Information Page

Welcome to MyHomeAtMyPrice.Com, Let's get you started! The property buying process on is very simple.

You will see the following menu items when you login as a buyer after registration.

1. Upcoming Sales - It provides a list of projects and units coming up for sale. You can register as a bidder in any of these projects by clicking the 'Bidder Registration' button below the project.

You can see all the units coming up for sale with complete details by clicking on the Unit button. The units are ranked as per market perception of the units. Higher the rank, higher the perceived price in the market. However, it is just a guide and you are free to choose the unit as per your individual choice.

2.Bidder Registration - It provides an easy way to register for bidding against any of the upcoming sales. You just need to pay the Non-Refundable bidder registration fee online by clicking the Register button.

3. Price Bidding Screen - Once you are registered as a bidder against the project, you will start seeing the project(s) in the bidder screen drodown list. Please choose the project from the DropDow list, and enter a bid price you like to pay for the project. The price is in Rs per saleable sft. As soon as you place the price bid, you will be shown the likely unit against the bid price. If other bidders place a price higher than you then your price rank may change and your likely unit will change and show in the box. You can use the trial bid box for checking if a revised price can get you a better ranking. The bids can be revised till one day before the sale date. All bids get locked a day before the sale date.

4. Sale Clock Screen - On sale date, you can goto Sale Clock screen. It does not open before that. All the price bids are arranged in a reverse order with highest as rank 1. The clock sends a message to Rank 1, and requests to choose a unit of bidder's choice from the available list. There is an end time displayed on top to choose the unit. Then, it moves on to the second rank and sends message to choose a unit. It continues till all the units are sold out. As soon as the unit is chosen by a bidder, he gets the selected unit at his last bid price.

Frequently Asked Questions !

Q: What is the Difference between and other real estate portals?

A: is an online sales portal where buyers buy property online. Other portals take buyer enquiry and pass onto the Developer's sales person for price negotiation and unit negotiation offline. Buyers do not have visibility of available units and have to compromise within the choices made available by sales person on the day. At, the buyer has full visibility of the units with complete details from day one. The entire sale process closes on within 15 days. The traditional sale process does not have a closure date often taking much longer to close the sale.

Q: Why does a buyer get benefitted by buying a property on

A: The project details, and list of units with full details are published upfront. There is no hidden information and no details to be found after site visit. All the units are ranked as per market perception of price. Higher the rank, higher the expected price. The price is chosen by the buyer and the unit is chosen by the buyer too. If a buyer has budget constraints, he can keep his price low and it can be much below the list price of the project. If a buyer wants to get the best of the units, he can do so by keeping his price rank close to 1. Thus, it provides flexibility to buyers as much as no other sale site provides.

Q: What happens on the Sale Date?

A: On the sale date, the buyers are invited to the project site to see the project and units themselves and participate in the online unit allocation process. The buyers get an unit allocation letter alongwith the price and the same information is forwarded to the developer. The Developer then gets in touch with you and further work on sale agreement starts with the Developer.

Q: Can I cancel a Unit after it is sold?

A: Yes. But it may result in forfeiture of a minimum amount as decided by the Developer. Please ensure you are aware of these details.



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